Black Wall Gallery

Plastic art! – Black Wall Gallery Vaasa Finland 1.3-24.3.2019

Asko Halmes work at Plastic art! exhibit

This small plastic art exhibition was a refreshing experience for myself. 

Got a sudden (3 days) of material found in a random home to compose a kind of relief. 

I’ve never quite liked to the Black Wall Gallery of the Barracks area because my dark sculptures there are fading into the darkness. But this work I build on a 70×70 cent cardboard is mainly white. Small red and black surfaces and a few thin drills will enliven it.

In the open and mildly rhythmic exhibition, there were 14 people who had received 24 work. 

No longer remember when plastic has been invented, but too little has ignored other materials, and now wastes the sea as waste. 

Of the other artis in the same exhibit:

From the soft plastic was made by cutting a few spiked horizontal bars, which were fan-waved. 

Ossi Lehto introduced the plastic rationally and had brought his three small typical paintings covered with translucent plastic.

This plastic exhibition idea was the invention of YLE-TV, which is being tested in 4 cities.